Adams & Longino proudly announces that the company’s staff and client files have been acquired by Igoe Creative of Greenville, NC, as of January 2019. At the agency’s 40th year in business, Charlie Adams and Jamie Jacobson are retiring from active creative advertising, marketing and design work.

Current and past clients or those inquiring about new projects should contact:
Emily Coffman
Igoe Creative

Vendors inquiring about open accounts should contact:
Charles Adams or Jamie Jacobson

press releases
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press releases
Feb. 11, 2011
Agency Staff Receives Certification from Facebook Summit

Facebook has become an integral part of marketing communication.
GREENVILLE, NC - Creative staff members of Adams & Longino Advertising received highest scores and certification in social media strategy, applicable to consumer and business-to-business efforts, upon completion of the recent Facebook Success Summit, the web's largest marketing conference on the subject. Over 20 leading experts in new media directed live sessions on leveraging the power of Facebook advertising, harnessing analytics, conducting fan page promotions and mega events, and how to win the news feed to build awareness of people not previously familiar with your products and services.

"The Summit drove home that people are more than willing to offer information if they have an avenue for interaction," stated Matthew Koester, Adams & Longino design/multimedia producer. "People want to share their ideas. Give them an easy, enjoyable way to say what they like and what they don't like, and take this information seriously. When customers are treated as more than potential sources of profit, everyone benefits."

"Targeting, engagement, involvement and recognition of enthusiasts were key themes," added Tracy Chapman, Adams & Longino production coordinator. "You can establish a strong social networking foundation by creating exclusivity and, as a result, a self-sustaining community. Once you obtain a solid foundation the potential to grow is readily achievable."

Adams & Longino, founded in 1978, is an advertising, design and marketing firm representing privately held corporations in manufacturing, retail and service sectors.


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