Adams & Longino proudly announces that the company’s staff and client files have been acquired by Igoe Creative of Greenville, NC, as of January 2019. At the agency’s 40th year in business, Charlie Adams and Jamie Jacobson are retiring from active creative advertising, marketing and design work.

Current and past clients or those inquiring about new projects should contact:
Emily Coffman
Igoe Creative

Vendors inquiring about open accounts should contact:
Charles Adams or Jamie Jacobson

advertising, design and marketing
Adams & Longino starts by learning about you and your products and services. We want to know all about your category, your competitors, what your consumers look for, who are your industry experts, and where you best reach customers. We want to know your company, your mission, your vision, and the kind of work you like.

We shoot for optimal delivery of the message. No wasted time, timing or medium. We will consider all the options for delivering your message.

Sometimes the right answer comes from a combination of solutions. We like to meet with our clients in working sessions to field ideas. Lots of ideas. Different kinds of ideas. We respect our clients' ideas. And they respect ours.


Please note that while we hope you like our work and show it to demonstrate our capabilities, we will vigorously defend intellectual property.