Adams & Longino proudly announces that the company’s staff and client files have been acquired by Igoe Creative of Greenville, NC, as of January 2019. At the agency’s 40th year in business, Charlie Adams and Jamie Jacobson are retiring from active creative advertising, marketing and design work.

Current and past clients or those inquiring about new projects should contact:
Emily Coffman
Igoe Creative

Vendors inquiring about open accounts should contact:
Charles Adams or Jamie Jacobson

We have some work favorites that we've done over the years for companies, services or products that may no longer be around. None of that takes away from the legitimacy of the work we did at the time and so we like to show some "Classics" because it again helps to demonstrate our capabilities.

Grady-White Boats
Grady Care poster

This is an in-dealership poster that helps define the ėGrady Careî concept, which in simple terms is the term we coined for the subjective benefits and abstract extras that you get when you purchase a boat from Grady-White. The poster demonstrates one way to organize a lot of ėstuffî into an easy-to understand format.